'Mentoring and Training for Social, Economic and Ministry Development

through Revelation of Biblical Principles.'


GPM Community Programs & Services


Since 1995, we have focussed on the needs of our local community.  The Moment of Truth was originally founded upon the mandate in Matt 25:30-41 that said minister to the sick, clothe and feed the indigent, visit the prisoner and help the homeless. Our motto was 'changing the lives of hurting people.'  But, because of the many kinds of needs in our community, we have broadened our focus.  We are helping, not only the 'down and out'  but also those that are 'up and out'. We are infiltrating the marketplace with the Kingdom mandate.  We are Kingdom builders that sit in authority on all seven mountains of culture, creating entrepreneurs and buiness owners.  We yet minister to the homeless, the prisons, our seniors and our at-risk youth. But, we also reach out to those who may need a different kind of help and support.  GPM is mentoring and training for social, economic and ministry development through Revelation of Biblical principles...as we continue with what we started over 18 years ago...'changing the lives of hurting people.'



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